In order to be independent children need to be able to take care of themselves. At Cubby House we learn dressing skills such as buttoning & fastening zips. We learn to put on our shoes & socks & tie our laces. We practise good hygiene and toileting procedures. We even to learn to make our own sandwiches, wash up the dishes & keep things tidy. We practise using cutlery & good manners. All the skills needed to make your child feel confident & independent.



Your child will handle concrete equipment to develop abstract concepts such as length, quantity and size. Each exercise is specially devised to develop these skills naturally in a systematic way. Some exercises are presented individually to each child while others are self correcting. This offers the child support with learning as well as the wonderful opportunity to communicate with the teacher on a one to one basis. This is a special time of nurturing every child experiences several times a day.



Understanding of mathematical concepts is vital to your child’s future. The way these concepts are introduced cannot be underestimated. Children need vast opportunities to practise and master reasoning, logic and number proficiency. Our system takes the child through all the steps from concrete to abstract and we are proud that many children are able to understand the concept of number in a very advanced way by the time they leave us to attend Grade 1.



At Cubby House children are encouraged to express themselves through stories, drama, reading and games. Awareness of language develops as the child practises pre reading skills, listening skills and auditory & visual discrimination of sounds. We have a little library and a puppet theatre to help children discover a love of language that will fully equip them for later life.



This plays a big part of our curriculum and is achieved through thematic work & projects on the natural world. We meet daily in groups for topical discussions, to try out experiments and learn to appreciate the inherent artistry in our world. Even the simple exercise of cutting & arranging flowers for the classroom encourages love & respect for nature.



Children are encouraged to spend plenty of time outdoors in our 2 spectacular playgrounds where adventure waits around every corner. Our younger children are separated from their older, more boisterous peers & enjoy playing on appropriate climbing equipment  & having fun in the sensory ponds. These contain things like sand, rice, pasta and sometimes jelly & frozen peas. Water play in summer encourages pouring, measuring & experimentation.



An intergral part of our daily program. Rhythm & movement to music & endless creative opportunities with readily available Art supplies. Children may choose to create their own masterpieces in addition to planned activities linked to the current theme.